hi, I'm maribeth helen keane and I'm so glad that you've found me here in this little corner of the internet world where I share healing wisdom for self-care & reconnection.

a short version of why I am here:

to help us all remember the innate wisdom of our own bodies to heal, to (re)connect with the rhythms of the earth and the medicine of the plants, to give us all permission to speak our truths and explore a softer way of being together on this earth that is more informed by love than anything else and to help us remember that we are never alone on this path, always a part of this earth that holds us, a thread woven through the ancient web of magic that is being a human in a body connected to all that shifts within and without us, collectively. 

you can follow along and read more @maribethhelen or sign up for my weekly newsletter.

a little more in depth about how I arrived here: 

working on it. :)