Seasonal Rituals for Self Care: Working with the Energies of Summer ~ June 20th

  • Seasonal Rituals for Self Care: Working with the Energies of Summer ~ June 20th

In this two-hour workshop Christina and Maribeth will share personal practices, rituals, magical and practical tools for tending to and working with the energies of the summer season and how these shifts reflect our own blossomings within. The intention of this workshop is to connect with practices and experiences that you can easily integrate into your daily routines and as a way of honoring the turning of the wheel together as we step into summer and into the rising energies of this time, remembering that we are nature so we, too, are blossoming.

In this class we will explore:

~ the energetics of summer and how this energy may be mirrored in our bodies

~ practices/tools for navigating and honoring the summer season & ourselves!

~ herbs that align with the energy of summer + how to incorporate them into rituals for physical and emotional well-being

~ a breathing and movement exercise for tending to and celebrating our inner fire

~ writing prompts for creating new rituals and intentions as the wheel turns

We will email you PDF worksheets with writing prompts and ritual suggestions to integrate into your daily practices and weekly tendings beyond our time together.

This is the first class in a seasonal series that will span summer, autumn, winter, and spring as a way to build our intuitive self care toolkits together throughout the year.

Class will be held on Summer Solstice ~ Saturday June 20th from 3pm - 5pm PST.

We hope you will join us!

We will gather through zoom ~ a protected link will be sent prior to class.
Space is limited so please consider signing up early.
The exchange for this class is $35 per person.
There will be no refunds issued for this class.

We will begin class honoring summer solstice with a short welcome ritual, please feel free to bring/have by you anything that feels connected to you at this moment as the seasons shift. This is an invitation to create an altar (or refresh one you already have) in honor of the summer solstice and the blossomings you'd like to celebrate during this time.

We recommend having a journal & pen, encourage snacks, tea, water, and ask that you find a comfy, as quiet as can be, place to sit with some room to do gentle movement.